Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, 2 months has flown by (the holidays seem to do that) and we're back to our normal least for now. Here's a recap of the last couple months - with a smothering of pictures!

Sneaking in a Thanksgiving pic - we met my parents at a family reunion for Thanksgiving in Texas

Callie loved all of the Christmas decorations

She loved them so much she became a tree hugger :)

Just a funny pic of how she ended up sleeping. Worn out little girl!

This was the pic we used for our Christmas cards this year.

Callie and Leah are best cousins! Jason loves them too!

I know we weren't this good this year but shhhh...don't tell anyone!

Callie with the tree when we celebrated with the Jarrell Family

The boys and their daughters

Opening gifts!

My in-laws and the grandkids

Now we've made it to Aztec for Christmas with the Kleins. Callie was a big help opening gifts!

She had fun playing the piano with Nana. Nana also had a lot of cool dancing Christmas decorations which Callie loved to play over and over and over.

It didn't snow while we were visiting but we found some to walk through when we went to Durango one day.

We had gorgeous weather on Martin Luther King Jr. day this year so we went to spend time at the park. Callie loved to slide and swing!!!

Callie helps mom sort laundry...well, kinda...

At Smith Christmas this past weekend, Callie was entertained by Granddaddy's shoes. I'm not sure how many times she un-did the velco on his shoes.

Jason with Leah and Drew

Granny and Granddaddy with their Great Grandkids - 2 are missing from this picture and there are 2 more on the way this year!

We had a surprise graduation party for my mother in law who finished her bachelors degree. She was surprised!

Even better was the secret friendship quilt we had made her. Her mother-in-law, before she passed away, would make quilts for us kids when we graduated and got married. So, my sister in law and I (with the help of Grandma and Great Aunt Vena) carried that tradition on and made her a quilt.

Proud of our accomplishments in our surprise party!

Until next time....

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